Tuper Tario Tros. : a nice glitch

Do you think the final part of Tuper Tario Tros. is too hard ?
Well, here is a protip to build a perfect castle easily !

Few weeks ago, a player found a pretty nice glitch that allows Mario to be invincible during the castle building sequence :

– Be sure to have Mario big before you reach the flag at the end of the level
– Stay in Tetris mode and let the scrolling push Mario to the flag
– When Mario runs to the castle, hit him with a Tetris piece
– Mario is now little, can’t be played but he’s invincible !
– Hit SPACE at the end of the countdown to move the Tetrominos again

This glitch made us laugh a lot, so we decided to keep it in the game.
Feel free to use it to make new highscores.