Seasons : Sounds of autumn

Hi everybody!

Whaaaat ? No post this week ? Let me fix this issue!

Today we are going to talk a little bit about sounds. I warn you: I’m not a sound programmer so maybe this technical article will exasperate real sound programmer!

> Sounds until now

Since the beginning of Seasons development, we don’t really care about sound part. The only sound pass we did was done by William during the 1st prototype conception. During this prototype, sounds were only 8 bits effects done with the excellent sfxr software.

To move on with the new prototype, we need new sounds (effects and background musics). The sounds need to be less “8 bits style” but more realistic!

> New kinds of sounds

We have two kinds of sounds: spacial sounds and ambient sounds.

The volume of spatial sounds change depending on the distance that separates them from the sound listener (a kind of microphone).
Ambient sounds are sounds you can hear everywhere with the same volume, independently of the sound listener position.

Here is a little recap with a diagram showing 2 levels. One of them has a spatial sound placed in it and the other one has an ambient sound. The levels are linked by a gate system.

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