Super Meat Boy (Team Meat)

Last time we talked about a game we love it was about Saira, ten months ago. But we love a lot of games !

Super Meat Boy is now available on Xbox Live Arcade (800 MS points for a limited time then 1200 MS points) and it’s a bloody good game !
SMB will also be released on Wii, PC and Mac soon.

You probably already know what is Super Meat Boy if you read indie games news. Maybe you’ve already played Meat Boy, a flash game created by Edmund McMillen and Jonathan McEntee that can be seen as a prototype of Super Meat Boy now. Or maybe you’ve seen this trailer made like a 90’s commercial :

Here at Swing Swing Submarine, we are really excited because we wait for this day since months, because we love the works of Edmund McMillen (Gish, Aether, Time Fcuk), the musics of DannyB (Meat Boy, Canabalt, Fathom) and because Tommy Refenes, programmer of Super Meat Boy, is very talented and he made us laugh.

During 18 months, Edmund and Tommy worked hard to create a game with that content :
– 150 levels of pure platform in two version “light” and “dark” (do the math!)
– good old bosses !
– 15 unlockable characters with unique moves
– and Teh Internets, a section that allows Team Meat to add more free content to the game. Not to mention a level editor will be available with the PC version and players will be able to share levels.

Ok, you probably think we are a little bit too excited about this game.
Well, it seems we are not alone : tons of positive reviews !

But nobody forces you to buy SMB t-shirts and imitate Edmund and Tommy.