Game Connection Europe, a foxy event

This year, the 10th edition of Game Connection Europe organized a new free contest titled “Selected Projects”. Its objective : showcase and identify promising games in production, mostly “small” games made by quite unknown developers.

A dev friend told us about the contest two months ago so we submitted Seasons after Fall. And it seems like the jury liked the concept and mood of the game enough to made it one of the 20 “Selected Projects” games.
Being part of this program allowed us to meet other professional developers but we also had the opportunity to pitch the game in a really short but efficient 5 minutes session to some “key people” like editors and investors. We (Guillaume, William and Buster) had lots of discussion to choose the good guy/cat for this presentation, and we finally decided to send Guillaume.

Guillaume's beard in action.

And then, the party started!

The programmer’s legendary charm and his french accent totally hypnotized the audience cause yesterday, go find a chair if you aren’t already seated, a press release unvealed that Seasons after Fall has been named “Game Connection Best Project 2011”. According to the press release, the jury included professionals from Ubisoft, Square-Enix, Konami, Microsoft Game Studios etc…

So what? Maybe the event will help us find partners to bring the game to consoles more easily, maybe not, but anyway it’s great to know that our game can “talk” to people and make them excited about it. We know some players (like you!) are already enthusiastic about Seasons after Fall but we weren’t sure about professionals. Well, now we have a clue.

If you want to see more pictures of the Game Connection event, you can find some on this Flickr account (not our).

And you should read the list of the 20 games that were part of the “Selected Projects”. We tried some of them during the event and there’s quite good ones: The Uncanny Fish Hunt (a student project from Supinfogame), Confetti Carnival (an IGF entrant, like us!) and Guns, Gore & Cannoli (developed by 3 belgian guys including twin brothers artists).