Introducing TETROBOT, a tiny hero

Posted on March 8, 2011

Do you know Alexei and Markus ?
Maybe you’ve already played their games without knowing who made them.
That’s why it’s important to read credits!

Well, Alexei and Markus are two talented indie games developers who both created successful indie games. Few months ago, they announced their desire to work together on a new project, a project that would totally mix their universes. A lot of people thought it would be a videogame, but Alexei and Markus wanted to experiment something new, something “real”, so they created TETROBOT.

Alexei and Markus, successful indie games developers (by Géraud)

> What is TETROBOT ?

TETROBOT is a tiny robot, as little and white as a sugar cube. But you should avoid to put it in your coffee cause it’s not liquid proof yet.

> What can TETROBOT do ?

When its eye opens, it reveals a drill that the robot can use to fragilize blocks of matters like wood, stone, sand,…
When blocks are fragilized, TETROBOT can collect them and stock them inside it’s tiny body. That’s the power Markus gave him.

Then, TETROBOT can recycle blocks into pieces made of 4 blocks. Those pieces are also called tetrominoes in the scientific community. Of course, this power is really useful to create platforms, but TETROBOT can also use those recycled pieces to clean areas.

By using its “line scan”, it can find lines of 8 blocks or more in the environment and then destroy them.
This is the only way to destroy blocks the robot can’t drill. That’s the power Alexei gave him.

So, that’s it, TETROBOT can drill, collect, recycle blocks of matter into new pieces and destroy lines. Pretty useful if you like gardening.

> What does TETROBOT look like ?

From the beginning of the project, the design of the robot changed a lot. Here are some mixed design steps:

Beautiful ones by Géraud, doodles by William

> Can we see TETROBOT in action now ?

Not yet. But next week, you will! I promise.
Oh, by the way, TETROBOT is just a codename. If you want to know its real name, you’ll have to play Blocks That Matter. The good news is you’ll be able to do it soon.