Playtests, pictures and price

Posted on April 11, 2011

Hi early adopters,

I’ve got a lot of work to do in order to tell people Blocks That Matter even exists. It’s quite hard but I’m a chief marketing cat and it is my duty to be optimistic and confident. So, here’s a new blogpost signed by Buster. A votre service.

Important stuff first: Blocks That Matter is now officially in its final phase of development. The large majority of levels has been created and we are making some playtests now. We already have selected a panel of playtesters (almost people we can see playing the game), but for those of you that really can’t wait to play Blocks That Matter, I took three screenshots secretely from William’s computer with game elements you’ve never seen before:

Now let’s talk about the game price.
As you may know, the only possible prices on Xbox Live Indie Games channel are 80, 240 and 400 MS points. I made a lot of complicated calculations during my last nap and finally decided to set the price of Blocks That Matter at 240 MS points. I know Guillaume and William think this is not high enough, cause they are decadent humans, but I’m the boss and I’m the one to decide. So, that’s it: 240 MS points!

Oh, I can hear some of you from my couch: when will Blocks That Matter be released on Xbox? And my answer will be very clear: when it’s done! It means in April. But we are already in April, you’ll said! Well, great, it means the game will be released real soon so… By the way, there’s plenty of other indie games you could play waiting for BTM, like Iconoclasts by Konjak, and great game music to listen like the soundtrack of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP.

Ok, have a great week and see you next time, pals.