Building a bonus level of BTM

Posted on April 25, 2011

Hi all,

Guillaume still have little things to do on Blocks That Matter, but I am quite done with my tasks now and I wanted to celebrate this the right away. With a little timelapse, maybe?

So, here is a short bonus level “making-of” made with the level editor we already shown you in a previous article. The level is called “Best Friends” and you’ll have to collect few BTMs to unlock it in the bonus level section.

The objective of this level is, of course, to reach the end portal but you’ll have to do it with the help of a fire slime. Sometimes you’ll have to build a path for him, and sometimes it will create a path for you. But if you kiss each other, Tetrobot will explode. I know, it’s sad.

Even if the level is quite simple, I have created a little tense moment at the beginning where you have to follow the slime and then quickly jump over him to open the march, cause you really don’t want to loose the wooden bridge… In this kind of situation, some of you will probably see the fire slime as their worst enemy.

Well, I didn’t want to spoil you the end of the level so you’ll have to play the game (real soon) if you want to see it.

See you soon!

PS: As always, music in your ears brought to you by Yann aka Morusque