BTM finished, not yet released

Posted on May 2, 2011

Hi all,

Last week, we completed the development of Blocks That Matter and submitted the game to Peer Review on the XNA Community forums.

Unfortunately, we discovered this morning that the game didn’t pass the review process. The reason : minor crashes linked to the use of Memory Unit and the fact that you can’t buy the game with a non-online profile on Xbox. Well, those “bugs” are already fixed but when you fail in Peer Review you can’t send a new build immediately and have to wait for a week. So we have to wait 7 days from now before we can submit the game to peer review again

This week-end was a little sad for us cause even if Blocks That Matter is finished, the fact that we didn’t manage to honor the release date we gave you (April) is a shame. I know, this is our very first commercial game so it’s not like if the players worlwide were waiting for Blocks That Matter to be released, but I hope you’ll forgive us this little setback.

But there’s also good news: Blocks That Matter has been quite well received by the Xna reviewers. We are proud cause we achieved to make a game like this one in only 4 months. It was a pretty big challenge for us and the tiny team we are, so we just can’t wait to celebrate its release with you now.

Not to mention we will start to port the game on computers (Windows, Mac, Linux) in few days. You can count on us to share our advances on this topic during the next weeks.

I’ll end this article with a doodle of Tetrobot, more calm than it has never been.

See you soon, and thank you again for your great support.