BTM – coverage and sales week 01

Posted on May 22, 2011

Hi all!

A week has passed since the release of Blocks That Matter! Let’s go some recap on the reception, the sales and internet coverage.


The reception was pretty good and warm. A lot of people got the mood of the game (a tribute to blocks games) and loved the challenge offered here.

There are also some remarks from players on things that could have been better. Mainly the fact that some chests are not reachable on the first run of a level (you will have to come back later with new abilities), or the fact that some jumps are tricky to perform due to the isometric display of the blocks.

We can measure the tenderness for the game in our French Xbox dashboard where the game is at the head of the top 50 (with a 4.5/5 rating), next to our friends at Arkedo and Pastagames!

In other countries, the numbers are a little bit less good, but still really acceptable:
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