BTM – coverage and sales week 02

Posted on May 30, 2011

Hi friends,

A new week, a new press and sales review of Blocks That Matter. And you’ll see that if we still have great reviews (like we did last week), the sales are still pretty low.


Few players have already finished the game and they sent us nice and warm messages. Some of you also express their love of Blocks That Matter through fanarts and toys.

Here is a Tetrobot made in salt dough by Skywilly‘s lover:

And this is a cool wallpaper made by CuberToy, with many indie games heroes and Tetrobot is one of them!

On facebook, the french page Le Dixième Art (The Tenth Art) has changed its logo for few days to support Blocks That Matter. This event has created a little controversy cause few readers were really hostile to the game (especially its link with other existing games). The fanpage Blocks That Matter has also been created and it’s ready to collect your “like”. We will organize some stuff on this page later.

The big surprise of this week was in our mailbox: a really young player called Gaspard (hi kid!) sent us an email with a video in which he talks straight to the camera, asking us a very important question : when will the game with the fox be released? It has been quite hard to answer him…

On the XBLIG dashboard side, Blocks That Matter is still at the head of the Top Evaluated games in France (approximatively 4,8/5). And look who was second when we took the screenshot: Sequence, an outstanding RPG/DDR !

Also, great news: the Top Downloaded games list that was frozen since May 10th has been fixed. And we are 2nd, after FortressCraft, thanks to the french players.

We still have little information about the game reception in Spain, Germany, Italy and Canada. But here is our position in the Top Evaluated Games in other countries:
– UK : 12th (we lost 6 places)
– Japan : 34th (we won 51 places)
– US : 39th (we won 10 places)


We only made 200 sales this week (in 8 days precisely). That’s sad. But we can’t force people to download the game, especially when websites like Kotaku and Joystiq don’t answer our mails so…

United States is still 1st and France managed to make more sales than UK. Japan, Sweden, Italy and Spain aren’t very enthusiastic. Maybe swedish players don’t know that Blocks That Matter takes place in their country…

Here is now a little history, day by day, showing the purchase numbers/trials downloads and the conversion rate (between brackets):

– d07 (18/05/2011) : 28 / 246 (11.3%)
– d08 (19/05/2011) : 1 / 18 (5.5%)
– d09 (20/05/2011) : 30 / 212 (14.15%)
– d10 (21/05/2011) : 34 / 220 (15.45%)
– d11 (22/05/2011) : 39 / 192 (20.3%)
– d12 (23/05/2011) : 21 / 203 (10.34%)
– d13 (24/05/2011) : 23 / 137 (16.7%)
– d14 (25/05/2011) : 20 / 20 (100%, but stats are probably false due to a Xbox Live technical issue this day)

– total: 196 / 1248 (15.7%) that’s 66% less than last week

– global: 639 / 5727 (11.1%). The conversion rate has increased, that’s a good point.

And to finish, the downloads versus sales curves:


This week has been a little bit more calm but still really positive. We’ve even seen articles in more traditional paper magazines!

PCPowerPlay (EN), an australian magazine, seems to mention BTM in its release of June.

– Weeks ago, we had a video interview with JVN (FR) in Paris, and they mention Blocks That Matter again in their latest show, making it n°1 of their downloadable games selection of the week.

XBLAFans (EN) made a touching review:
“Rarely do we praise a game as much as Blocks That Matter”

Destructoid (EN) quickly talked about BTM in its podcast “Zero cool – episode 29”

IndieGames (EN) probably hasn’t tried the game yet…but they made a short article to say the game is now available (without the trailer, strangely).

Armless Octopus (EN) talks about BTM in its “round-up” and in the last Armless Octocast (thanks Mike!). A nice review is also available with a score of 5 out of 5.

Gameblog (FR) reviewed Blocks That Matter and selected it as an “Indispensable Gameblog” (essential game). We know our french readers helped us making this review possible. Thank you MisterP for your open mind.

IG MAG #14 (FR) published a 4 pages interview of Swing Swing Submarine (p74 to 77) where we talk about Blocks That Matter, of course. The game is also mentioned in the recently released downloadable games (p14) and all this thing has been made possible by Thierry Falcoz from Nolife, a french videogame tv station.

Factornews (FR) also asked “3 questions to…” William.

Blog Coop (Moosye – FR) links to the (great) review of BarredeVie (FR) and reminds us that she made an interview of William last year about the videogame industry / art form.

Indievault (IT) uses a beautiful language to talk about the game.
“If you’ve liked the previous works of Swing Swing Submarine, I don’t need to tell you that Blocks That Matter is a game that truely deserves your attention”

GameSetWatch (EN) mentions BTM between Sega Rally and Super Adventure Island.

If you think we forgot some articles and reviews (like this one by Lion2 (FR) and this one by IndieGamesCorner (FR)) please tell us in the comments or by mail.

That’s all for this week!
We will probably not make articles about sales and press coverage every week. But, we will soon give you more information about the PC, Mac and Linux version of Blocks That Matter and how we are porting it.

Have a nice day,