BTM Playable Tech Demo is out!

Posted on July 10, 2011

Hello everybody,

The Windows, Mac and Linux versions of Blocks That Matter are almost done and we still need time to prepare their launch. You can’t wait, neither do we, but we have good news for you : a playable tech demo!

And as Steve says in his little conferences, it is available…RIGHT NOW !
Follow Tetrobot and its magical link to download it !

You can also download the demo here : Mirror#1 , Mirror#2

Ok, now install the demo, clean your keyboard (grab a Xbox gamepad if you got one), crack your fingers and be prepared to scratch your head playing 5 levels taken here and there from the final game.

The demo should work on Windows, Mac and Linux but remember it’s a tech demo. If you’ve got problem to run the game, read the README.txt first than please send us an e-mail explaining WHAT happens and WHEN it happens :

Hopefully, it will help us correct some bugs, improve the performances and make Blocks That Matter a better game.

Don’t hesitate to share this demo with your family, friends, enemies and pets, and… Well, have fun !

PS : The demo can be finished with a 91% score: 5 levels to play, 5 BTMs to collect. No bonus levels.