BTM Tech Demo updated! (

Posted on July 19, 2011

Hi everybody!

Just few words to say that we put an update to the playable Blocks That Matter ‘Tech Demo’ we released last week.

The version number is (well, if you download it from IndieDB ’cause I’m dumb).

EDIT: Since I’m really really dumb lastly, I forgot to erase my cheat save in the slot 1, as a consequence you will miss a dialog tutorial in the 1st level… the easy way is to ERASE the save (via the Options menu) or by changing save slot (from the main menu by pressing keyboard F or gamepad X). Apologies (:sadface:) (thanks to JLG for noticing it).

Here are the links:

Mirror#01 Mirror#02

Thanks to all of you who helped us a lot during this week!

As a reminder for the people who want to test:

The demo should works on Windows, Mac and Linux but remember it’s a tech demo. If you’ve got problem to run the game, read the README.txt first than please send us an e-mail (or comment/tweet/poke) explaining WHAT happens and WHEN it happens:

There are some bug fixes and some new features in this version. Here is the complete change log:
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