Indie Game Summer Uprising: Fan vote

Posted on August 11, 2011

Hi sailors,

We are still navigating the Windows/Mac/Linux of Blocks That Matter for some reason, but we saw in our radar that you can now vote if you want to see our game being part of the Indie Game Summer Uprising.

Click this picture to access the IGSU Fan Vote!

This event has been created by the Xbox Live Indie Games devs community and it will allow 10 titles of the XBLIG service to be highlighted from August 22 to September 2. We submitted Blocks That Matter to that event but you are the ones who can do the magic. So, if you’ve got a facebook account and you want to help us, please go on the IGSU Fan vote page and vote for Blocks That Matter.

The vote ends on Monday August 15th.

Here is the content we plan to release during the IGSU if Blocks That Matter is part of the event:
– New objective in each level : if you finish a level with a certain number of blocks, you win a “star”
– 10 new bonus levels (that will be unlock by the star collection)
– New language supported : we only have English today that’s why we plan to add French (and maybe Spanish, Italian and German later)
– and of course minor correction on already existing levels

Of course this update will be released, soon or later, even if we are not part of the IGSU but we think it’s the good time to do it.
And there’s more to come like…community levels!


See you soon for more information about that…