BTM TechDemo 0.9, Community is live

Posted on August 13, 2011

Hi everybody!

It’s been a while since we didn’t pushed a post about Tech Demo (even if we made a “silent update” with the version).

>> The main new feature

This version is bringing… the Community Section!

It will be the occasion for you to bring the Swing Swing Submarine Levels Server down, even if only we put only 6 levels online. To full test the server, you can select a level to automatically download it, play until the end and then vote (thumbs up or down).

>> The links

Mirror#01 Mirror#02

As a reminder for the people who want to test:

The demo should works on Windows, Mac and Linux but remember it’s a tech demo. If you’ve got problem to run the game, read the README.txt first than please send us an e-mail (or comment/tweet/poke) explaining WHAT happens and WHEN it happens:

>> The WIP Level Editor

You will also able to try the very very very very WIP level editor!
To avoid any spoil of the content of the game, we removed intentionally some stuff from the editor! So you can test without fear.

>> Save deactivated for the TechDemo
Note that you will not able to save your creations for now (remember, it’s a TechDemo!). But we hope that you will be soon able to share your architectural awesomeness with us, and collect a great amount of ‘likes’… and maybe your creations will end in the “Featured” section!

Thanks again for your precious help!

>> Last hours to help BTM in the IGSU vote!
And by the way, it’s the FINAL HOURS to vote for Blocks That Matter for the IGSU, so if you want to help us again and again, and if you have access to the pool vote, we will be glad to get your click!

Click this picture to access the IGSU Fan Vote!