Sharing chocolate with friends

Yesterday, we announced the Chocolate Update of Blocks That Matter.
Yesterday, a new Humble Bundle appeared, introducing Voxatron from Lexaloffle Games. What’s the link between the stories?

Well,the Chocolate Update is based on “Chocolate Castle“, another game by Lexaloffle Games. And there’s more…

Blocks That Matter is now part of the Humble Voxatron Debut, beside The Binding of Isaac. Visit the Humble Bundle website and name your price!


Note that the original soundtracks of Blocks That Matter (by Morusque) and The Binding of Isaac (by DannyB) are also included in the bundle.

Honestly, it’s hard to find the right words to describe how we feel being part of this bundle with 2 other great games made by 2 great developers, Lexaloffle (Joseph White) and Edmund McMillen.

Well, the Chocolate Update is now available through the bundle. Steam version (and others) will be updated in the next hours or days so everyone will be able to play with “chocolate slimes” before the end of the week, hopefully. For those who love bulletpoints, here is the content of the Chocolate Update:

– 10 new levels based on “Chocolate Castle” by Lexaloffle Games
– 2 soundtracks based on “Chocolate Castle” music, remixed by Morusque
– 6 chocolate blocks and slimes to play with and to use in your own levels
– And now you can add “stars” to your own levels to challenge Blocks That Matter community players

Have fun, sailors.