BTM Linux / ASCII contest: the results

Last week, we organized a small ASCII art contest to celebrate the Linux version of Blocks That Matter properly and its recent release on Gameolith. We received something like 20 entries and this is really great considering the difficulty of the contest and the short period.

The 10 winners have been divided in two categories, “Probably Handmade ASCII art” (n°1 to 5) and “Probably Assisted ASCII art” (n°6 to 10). They win a code to download Blocks That Matter – Linux version on Gameolith for free.

“Level 004 – Self Testing” ASCII version (FRiZ)

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Celebrating Blocks That Matter on Linux

Lazy, lazy developers!

The most “penguins” of you already know that Blocks That Matter is available on Windows, Mac and Linux through various websites, but for some reason (being really busy at work) we never screamed to the world the fact that the game is REALLY available on Linux and that it’s quite awesome. Well, the fact that the game has been released on Gameolith today could be a great way to make a little something for Linux users.
So, let’s do this, let’s celebrate: it’s contest time!

Linux users, you all know how to have pleasure playing with this, right?


Well, that’s the first Linux game Guillaume ever wrote: a Tic-Tac-Toe. A cutting edge ASCII art game! Well, it’s time to let us know your skill in making pictures with texts. No no, not literacy: ASCII ART.

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Customized trial for Blocks That Matter

Since we released Blocks That Matter on Windows / Mac / Linux last month, something is missing: a playable demo. Yes, we’ve already made a Tech Demo and it would have been really easy to create a version of the game with few levels, but if you follow this devblog since the beginning you should know we love to make strange things sometimes.

That’s why we decided to craft a special demo version that is not exactly the beginning of the game, includes few exclusive levels and 4 brand new BTMs to collect. One of these blocks celebrates the upcoming block-breaking Wizorb developed by Tribute Games.

So, do you want to try Blocks That Matter and see if it deserves to be played in its full version? Visit the BTM store page on Steam and click on “Download Demo”:

But if you already own the full game on Steam, the system will not allow you to download the demo. Don’t worry, you can still download it from IndieDB following this link:

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BTM is Dream.Build.Play 2011 Grand Prize

Posted on August 29, 2011

Two weeks ago, we told you that Blocks That Matter was one of the 21 finalists of Dream.Build.Play 2011. Well, the winners of this contest, organized by Microsoft to promote games made with XNA tools, has been announced yesterday morning and our heart went boom when we discovered them.

Indeed Blocks That Matter has been selected as Dream.Build.Play 2011 Grand Prize! According to the rules of the contest, it means we won 40.000 dollars and an hypothetical slot for a game on Xbox Live Arcade.

And that’s all we know for the moment cause we haven’t been contacted by Microsoft since the announcement. We will keep you informed.

In other news, Steam players have already started creating levels with our level editor and we featured 5 of them this week in the Community section:

Falling Blocks – by Sendow
High Speed Chase – by Spore
Slime Clock – by Daveyx0
After Fall – by Friz
Survival Minigame – by RocketPony

Congratulations to them and to all the other players/creators!

Listen to Blocks That Matter soundtrack

Posted on August 24, 2011

Morusque (Yann van der Cruyssen) just released the original soundtrack of Blocks That Matter on Bandcamp, and it is just…amazing.

This album version is free to listen but you can buy it for 3 euros (or more) and you’ll have its 17 tracks (or more) in different files versions, including MP3 320 and FLAC.

Géraud Soulié, the character designer and illustrator of Blocks That Matter, crafted its cover with love.

Thank you Yann and Géraud!

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