Swinging Christmas Raffle Remix

Our Christmas gift will be a little late this year, but it will be really cool!

On January 4th, 2013 we will release a free album of Blocks That Matter remixes that includes tracks made by 10 composers and arrangers we love particularly. We want to keep the names secret right now, but you will probably recognize some of them and discover new ones. Every composer involved did a great job to celebrate the original compositions of Morusque, so we hope you’ll like what you’ll hear.

“But what can we do while we wait for this amazing album of remixes to be released?” I hear you say.

Do you remember the 24 Days That Matter event we organized a year ago? We have extra games from last year, directly offered by indie developers, and some codes traded here and there so…

What about a massive raffle in which you could win great indie games like Fly’n, Hell Yeah!, Trine, Sequence, and many more?

We will announce the winners on January 3rd, 2013 and send them their gift.

If you don’t win anything, you’ll still be able to listen to great music for free on January 4th when we release the Blocks That Matter remixes album.

Merry Christmas !

Fixing Tetrobot (with portals)

If you like Portal 2 and Blocks That Matter, we’ve made a little something for you. By joining both our developers and players’ sides, we created a community level for Portal 2 entitled Fixing Tetrobot (with portals).

Follow this link:
then click + SUSCRIBE to add the level to your queue in Portal 2.
Of course it works only if you already own Portal 2.

Hope you’ll like it!

Tetrobot lost in Space Disorder

Last week, indie developer Mi-Clos Studio released Space Disorder, their very first game, on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

You play as Noah, a fearless hero equipped with a jetpack, who enters the robots’ spaceship to free his sweetheart, Zanita, along with unfortunate trapped aliens. Tetrobot is one of those poor aliens!

The game has been mainly developed by one man, Michael Peiffert, but this cute Tetrobot from outerspace has been designed by Vincent Béchet, alias the amazing Pulcomayo.

Space Disorder is already available for free on the Appstore.
If you like platforms, coins and gravity mechanics, you should try it.

Announcing “Tetrobot and Co.”

Sequels tend to have bad press in videogames those days, probably because there are too much of them and most of the time they are “easy” sequels, with very few changes (like Mario series) or too radical changes (maybe Resident Evil series).

Then there are sequels, like Toki Tori 2, that try to explore new areas and expand their game universe without compromising the spirit of the original title. We can’t wait to play Toki Tori 2.

What kind of sequel will Tetrobot and Co. be ?
You’ll tell us.


The concept of Tetrobot and Co. has emerged from feedbacks we received about Blocks That Matter and from various game prototypes we made in early 2012. Blocks That Matter is quite challenging, that’s how it has been designed, but it can be very frustrating sometimes. Maybe too much. That’s something we want to work on.

Of course, Tetrobot will be a very important part of this title but you will not play as Tetrobot. It means you should expect a lot of changes in terms of gameplay and character’s capabilities.

We plan to release the game in early 2013 on Windows, Mac, Linux and some touch devices.


Guillaume Martin
The man who brought you Blocks That Matter best gameplay features and bug fix is back and ready to write code.

William David
Even if he still refer to him as a game designer, his real work is to create levels, so he’s more a level designer. Nobody knows.

Géraud Soulié (aka Operion)
Géraud worked on BTM as a character designer and illustrator. Now, he is in charge of every visual elements of the game. It means it will be gorgeous.

Yann Van Der Cruyssen (aka Morusque)
Also known as Morusque in the chiptune area, Yann is our music composer and sound designer. You’ve already heard Yann’s work if you’ve played Knytt Stories, Saira and Blocks That Matter of course.

Blocks That Matter on Steam Workshop

Posted on October 9, 2012

Good news for Steam users:
Blocks That Matter has been updated so you can now share community levels and language files through Steam Workshop. Suscribe to your friends catalog, rate, comments, create collections…

Good news for non-Steam users:
Don’t worry, you still have access to the same in-game content than Steam users, except language files.

Good news for players who haven’t played Blocks That Matter yet:
We celebrate the addition of Steam Workshop features with a 50% Midweek Madness promotion (on Steam, of course).

Good news for blocks lovers:
They will return.

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