Happy Birthday, Blocks That Matter!

Posted on May 12, 2012

A year ago, we pressed a button and BAM!:
Blocks That Matter was released on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel.
Well, technically only Guillaume pressed the button cause I had some problems to solve with my apartment at this time.

Anyway, tonight it’s my turn to press a button and BAM!:
Blocks That Matter is (still) available on Xbox Live Indie Games channel, but it is now priced 1$/80MSP (instead of 3$/240MSP) until the end of May, something like that.

In a year, 38.530 players downloaded the Xbox Trial of BTM and 8.748 lovers of puzzle games bought it. We hope this temporary price drop will help more players discover the game and possibly enjoy it. Now if you prefer the PC/MAC/Linux version, feel free to visit Steam, Desura, Indievania,…

“Ok guys, that’s great but where’s the cake?” you say.
Well, we already ordered it but it seems that it will be delivered later, in few weeks or months, along with some news about the future of Blocks That Matter and about our current/next project(s).
So until then, please keep the champagne in the fridge.