The Cube Pack (Steam bundle)

Posted on June 19, 2012

As someone mentioned yesterday when wild cubes appeared on our blog, it’s extremely difficult to catch them because cubes can’t fit in pokeballs. That’s why we created a special item to allow you to catch them all.

The “Cube Pack” is a game bundle available now on Steam as a Midweek Madness deal. It contains 6 games made of cubes:
Bit. Trip Runner (by Gaijin Games)
Blocks That Matter (by Swing Swing Submarine)
Critical Mass (by Manic Game Studios)
Edge (by Mobigame and Two Tribes)
Qube (by Toxic Games)
Rush (by Two Tribes)

These games share the love of cubes but they are very different (puzzle, platform, rhythm, FPS, 2D, 3D) and this is why we think this bundle is really interesting. Another good point is its extremely low price: “Cube Pack” is only $9.99 / £6.99 / €8.99.

If you already own the games, you can still turn on your printer and build those amazing papertoy cubes. Possibilities of gameplay are endless!

We want to thank all developers (especially Two Tribes) who helped organize this event! And thank YOU, players.