Swinging Christmas Raffle Remix

Our Christmas gift will be a little late this year, but it will be really cool!

On January 4th, 2013 we will release a free album of Blocks That Matter remixes that includes tracks made by 10 composers and arrangers we love particularly. We want to keep the names secret right now, but you will probably recognize some of them and discover new ones. Every composer involved did a great job to celebrate the original compositions of Morusque, so we hope you’ll like what you’ll hear.

“But what can we do while we wait for this amazing album of remixes to be released?” I hear you say.

Do you remember the 24 Days That Matter event we organized a year ago? We have extra games from last year, directly offered by indie developers, and some codes traded here and there so…

What about a massive raffle in which you could win great indie games like Fly’n, Hell Yeah!, Trine, Sequence, and many more?

We will announce the winners on January 3rd, 2013 and send them their gift.

If you don’t win anything, you’ll still be able to listen to great music for free on January 4th when we release the Blocks That Matter remixes album.

Merry Christmas !