Tetrobot and Co. Level Editor Steam Workshop Beta is live!

Hi there!

We’ve just launched the Steam Workshop Beta for Tetrobot and Co.!

Here is a little FAQ, to answer the questions you may (or may not) have:


1/ What should I do to enter this Beta?

You just need to launch your Steam client, wait for Tetrobot and Co. to update and launch it! That’s it!
You can check that the version on the main menu is something like “1.1.x” and you’re good to go!


2/ What can I do in this Beta?

Well, you can create your own levels, complete with all the blocks and features used in the main game! And of course, you can share your levels through the Steam Workshop. You can recreate all the levels that you encountered in the game and much more!

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you’re running the game under Mac or Linux systems, we are currently facing an issue that will prevent you to download/upload items to the workshop. But you can still able to get your hand in the level editor, locally. Once the issue will be solved, you’ll be able to upload your creation to the workshop!


3/ Will you allow us to create custom language files (i want my game in 1337!)?

We can’t confirm it for sure, but it’s definitely in our mind, yes!


4/ Is the editor more user friendly than the one in Blocks that Matter?

Well… YES!
We put a lot of efforts improving the editor. In Blocks that Matter, the editor was released with the exact same level of “polish” that it was during the production of the game (i.e. none!).
With Tetrobot and Co., we decided to delay the release of the editor to make it clean and shiny!


5/ Is there any tutorials to understand how the editor works?

Even though the editor is as intuitive as OSX, we’ve published some official Steam guides for you, and in the future we will centralize any relevant information in this thread.
If you encounter any issues, please report them in this other thread.


6/ Will you release the in-game level editor for the DRM-free version?

We will allow you to create levels locally for sure. But we still need to find a good alternative to the Steam Workshop to store the user generated content!
The Beta will only occurs on Steam, because it is the fastest way for us to update the game depending on your feedbacks.
If you purchased the DRM-free version on our website (or the Humble Store), you should have a Steam key that can be used to participate to this Beta!


7/ Anything to add before I jump into this beta?

Only one thing: Psychobot is waiting you to unleash the love, the love of blocks!


Tetrobot and Co. now DRM-free (and 50% OFF)

It’s about time!

Tetrobot and Co. DRM-free version is now available on the Humble Store!


But wait, there’s more!
You still have a little more than 1 day to grab it with 50% OFF discount!


Spread the word!

If you’re not convinced by the game, you can always check the “Review Round-up” we published earlier.

When you grab the version on the Humble Store (or the Humble Store Widget), you also get access to a Steam version of the game (Windows/Mac/Linux). By the way, the Steam version is also 50% OFF for the same remaining amount of time!

We are trying to deploy the game on more digital platforms. If you think of a digital platform you’ll love to see Tetrobot and Co. on, feel free to share it with us in the comments!

The (Amazing) Tetrobot and Co. Review Round-up

Tetrobot and Co. has been out on Steam for 6 weeks now, so we think it’s time to talk a little bit about how the game has been received by reviewers. And you need to know that we had many difficulties communicating with the press (and our most dedicated players) while finishing the game.
That’s probably why we received very few answers from big videogames’ websites outside of France.

Anyway, the few websites, bloggers and youtubers who were curious enough to play Tetrobot and Co. and review it seem pretty happy about the game. And some of them are extremely enthusiastics, as you can read below.

Here’s a collection of quotes we extracted from the Tetrobot and Co. reviews and impressions we’ve read online.
The complete list (and links) of all reviews we’ve stumbled upon can be found at the end of this article.

Tetrobot and Co. Review Round-up

“I have twice declared to any passing cats that “I AM A GENIUS!” on figuring something out. That’s a magical thing, when a puzzle game can have you feeling that great about yourself simply for figuring out what they intended you to do in the first place.(…) For around £8, this is a definite recommendation, even if you’ve found yourself growing weary of puzzle games of late. It’s fresh, cute, and bloody hard.”

“Tetrobot and Co. is the crystal meth of puzzle games. From the very first shot, the title turns your brain upside down and you already hate the guys who have synthesized this shit. Few minutes later, you taste the product a second time and feel like a superman, before feeling helpless again.(…) A diabolically clever level design that constantly renews itself.”
Gamekult – 8/10 + SELECTION

“Everything felt really slick in a way that perfectly catered to my sleepy, sickened body placing a premium on minimal movement.(…) Finding this soothing rhythm and riding it as long as you can through ingenious puzzles is the essence of Tetrobot & Co. The game may not have provided any mystical ailments, but for those jubilant hours, my mono may as well have disappeared.”
Indie Statik

“Tetrobot & Co. was a unique game to play through. Its charming style kept me relaxed as I challenged my mind with each level.(…) If you really enjoy puzzle games then I highly suggest you give this one a try.”
Broken Cartridge – 4.5/5

“Intelligent, well done, intuitive but offering a spicy challenge, inexpensive… There really is not much to criticize Tetrobot and Co., and we can only advise you to give it a try. We are now eagerly awaiting the release of the level editor in December to extend the experience with community content.”
Factornews – 9/10

“Pedagogy is the science of rhythm, changing intensity, tempo: the art of mixing dead times with strong times, the art of repetition, of variation as a transition from one competence to another. The secret of Tetrobot is that it does this perfectly, even the fussiest expert in puzzles’ science would have nothing to complain about.(…) Tetrobot and Co. is definitely a great puzzle game.”

“Tetrobot and Co. is probably one of the most deceptive titles I have played in quite some time. On the surface it looks like little more than a cutesy puzzler that is only designed to be little more than aesthetically pleasing. While in actual fact it hides a genuinely complex, mechanically sublime, game that is constantly builds on pre existing game mechanics.(…) Quite simply it’s best feature is how perfectly distilled it is as a game, no bullshit.”
Voletic – 8/10

“We recommend Tetrobot and Co. to those who loved Blocks That Matter, to intelligent people who wants a cheap puzzle game with a lot of challenge, those who appreciate robots, those looking for a game filled with puzzles you can play for a dozen hours and those want to get surprised.”
The Shelter Network – 9/10

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