Reworks That Matter now available !

Posted on January 4, 2013

Reworks that matter

Reworks That Matter is a free remix album of Blocks That Matter’s original soundtrack. You can listen to its 9 amazing tracks on, download it and share it with your friends.

The whole album has been made possible thanks to the talent and time of:
- Disasterpeace (Fez, Puzzle Agent, KRUNCH)
- Z.E.P (Voxatron, Chocolate Castle)
- Square Tune Magician (many incredible game and anime remixes)
- Clément Duquesne (Serpentes, Caravan)
- Romain Gauthier (Squids, Squids Wild West, EDGE, Magnetis)
- Sylvain Hellio (Hell Yeah!, Nervous Brickdown, Big Bang Mini)
- Yann & Guilhem Cleophas (Age of Enigma, many short films)
- DjMokram (Dynamite Headdy Secret Bonus Point, many game remixes)
- Souleye (VVVVVV, Adventure album)
- and of course Morusque (Blocks That Matter, Saira, Knytt Stories)

We would like to thank you all, once again!