Bringing back the ‘Seasons after Fall’

Posted on January 7, 2014

2013, the year that saw the release of our second game Tetrobot and Co., is vanishing quietly. The bank account of Swing Swing Submarine is clearly not in a good shape considering the poor sale numbers we made.
We’ll have to talk about this in more details sooner or later, cause we’ve learned a lot during the last months about both our mistakes and the state of “indie” games.

Our third game could be the last one so… You know what? It’s probably time to talk again about this wild fox.

Seasons after Fall is the project that made us create Swing Swing Submarine back in 2009. Its development has been frozen since January 2011, but here we are, 3 years later, still alive and proud to announce that we are now working to bring back Seasons after Fall and make it the best – possible – game.

Do you remember the promise of Seasons after Fall?

As a wild fox, you will travel across the countryside, through lush forests and quiet rivers, taking advantage of the changing seasons. Of course, this wild fox can run, jump and yap… The twist is that it will obtain the power to change seasons, anywhere, anytime.

Well, nothing has changed since 2011, except one thing: we gained some experience points and we are now a team with one clear goal. Let me warn you: the development of Seasons after Fall will be a roller coaster. It starts today and it will end sometimes in 2015. During this time, we’ll share our adventure with you through this devblog.

Enjoy the ride.

Seasons after Fall - concept art

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