Get in the Submarine, sailors!

We explore the troubled seas of game development since few years now, and we are pleased to meet you here and there, when we take the time to stop in harbours. But we don’t want to navigate alone anymore, especially with the development of Seasons after Fall that started this month.

That’s why we have created the Swing Swing Submarine – Fan Club, a mailing-list for you, our most dedicated players, who read our blog posts, who comes to events to meet us, who follow us on Twitter and Facebook, who finish our games too quickly…

Suscribe to the “Swing Swing Submarine – Fan Club”

Each month, we’ll send exclusive info and items about our games and our little studio to our Fan Club members.
Of course, this is a completely free service and it is guaranteed with no spam. We hope you’ll enjoy this “new” way to share things with you! ♥

Swing Swing Submarine - Fan Club