Welcome to Japan, Blocks That Matter!

We should have done that since years, but it is now a reality!
Thanks to the tenacious team of Playism, Blocks That Matter is now available in Japan (with an official japanese translation).
This version also includes other languages, like English, French, Spanish, and more.
If you don’t understand japanese, you can still buy it on Playism’s english website.

screen1 screen3

Blocks That Matter, now available on Playism

But wait,  there’s more!
From today February 13 to March 22, you can play Blocks That Matter at the Institut Français du Japon – Tokyo.
The game has been selected to be showcased during Digital Choc 2015 – La Fabrique du Réel festival.
We hope you’ll be able to attend the festival and visit the expo.
If you do, feel free to send us photos!

Digital Choc 2015
Blocks That Matter has been released long ago, in 2011, on Xbox 360 – Xbox Live Indie Games and Windows, Mac, Linux.
It’s a real pleasure to see that it’s still played and that more people will be able to play it 🙂

Teaming up with Focus Home Interactive

Good morning sailors!
We have a major announcement to share with you, so I want everyone in the Operation Room now!

Swing Swing Submarine and Focus Home Interactive are pleased to announce their partnership for the release on consoles and PC of Seasons After Fall. That’s it: we will not sail alone anymore!

We first met Focus Home Interactive in 2010 during Game Connection Europe and we were already working on Seasons after Fall at this time. Let’s be honest, our prototype was not succesfully completed… You know what happened next: we had no money, no experience, so we froze the development of Seasons after Fall.
Then we released two games by ourselves: Blocks That Matter (2011) and Tetrobot and Co. (2013).

Last year, we decided it was time to come back to Seasons after Fall, so we created a new prototype for Gamescom. We had a cool dev team, we wanted to give the game another chance, but we just couldn’t make Seasons after Fall alone.
Focus Home Interactive is the partner we needed: great games, great team, great trust.

Let me tell you this, and this is not a coded message: the fox is in good hands.

Behind Seasons after Fall’s animations

Posted on January 5, 2015

We already told you that 2015 will be the year of the fox.
Since now, we only worked with Paul Clarissou (@PolClarissou) during a (really cool) 2 months internship.
So our first step to rule the world this year is adding a permanent animator to the Swing Swing Submarine team.

Let’s have a round of applause for Simon Hutt T.!

Simon Hutt T

Simon is a freelance illustrator, character designer and 2D animator who worked for many companies, including Disney (TV show pilot), Ankama (Wakfu) and The Game Bakers (Squids series, Combo Crew, Duels). He will work on all animated elements of Seasons after Fall, from the small flower that swings with the wind, to the intimidating Guardians of Seasons.

As you can see on Simon’s portfolio and Simon’s personal tumblr, he’s a talented artist and a huge TMNT fan.
Feel free to hire him too or simply follow him on Twitter!

Simon Hutt T - TMNT

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