Tetrobot and Co.: Level Creation Contest

Posted on March 23, 2015

Tetrobot and Co. Level  Creation Contest

From March 23 to April 21, we are hosting a special Level Creation contest on Steam: the community can create custom levels for Tetrobot and Co. using Steam Workshop. Selected outstanding levels will appear in an update to the game. The winners will also receive $50 Amazon gift cards.

Feel free to read the guides we’ve shared on the Steam Community section to learn more about Tetrobot and Co.’s level editor.

How to enter the contest?
1. Create your own level in Tetrobot and Co.
2. Publish it on Steam Workshop
3. Send us a mail at contest@tetrobot.com with your level info to enter the contest

The list of winners will be posted on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Winners will also be contacted by email.

Have fun! We can’t wait to play your levels!

[Update – 18/08/2015] We played all 32 levels you submitted and…we have winners! Congratulations to daftdef, SuperLuigiBros, Callidus, TheGlecter and FRiZMOUT. You should already have received your gift cards by email. Your 5 levels will be added to the game in a future update. We are now working (very hard) on our next game Seasons after Fall, so the date for this update is not yet defined.

Tetrobot and Co. Android debut with Humble Bundle

Posted on March 17, 2015

Humble ‘PC & Android’ Bundle 12

From today, and during two weeks, Tetrobot and Co. is exclusively available through the Humble ‘PC & Android’ Bundle 12, alongside great games such as VVVVVV, Titan Attacks, The Inner World, Costume Quest, Ironclad Tactics, Shadowrun Returns and more… But don’t worry, Apple aficionados and Google fans, it will then be quickly available on the Appstore and Play Store, few days after this event.

Hey, wait a minute: that’s not what we had planned!
Tetrobot and Co. for mobile and tablets should have been released in Spring. It’s too early!
Ok, fine, whatever…

Tetrobot and Co. iOS and Android, available this Spring!

We promised you these versions since a while.
Here comes Tetrobot and Co. for iOS and Android devices!

Now adapted and tuned for mobile devices, Tetrobot and Co. features everything that made the original PC version a must-play for puzzle lovers, plus a brand new touch interface and controls that work perfectly. We have slightly tuned some levels to ease the path into the game for first time players. The differences are small, so don’t worry: it’s still a challenge to finish it with 100%.

The approach we’re taking with the game incorporates one important design goal: no in-app purchases of any kind.
Tetrobot and Co. on mobile and tablets will cost $2.99, that’s all.

From March 23 to April 21, we will also host a special contest on Steam: the community will be able to create custom levels for Tetrobot and Co. using Steam Workshop. Selected outstanding levels will appear in an update to the game, and the winners will also receive special gifts. But we’ll talk about that later.

Welcome to Japan, Blocks That Matter!

We should have done that since years, but it is now a reality!
Thanks to the tenacious team of Playism, Blocks That Matter is now available in Japan (with an official japanese translation).
This version also includes other languages, like English, French, Spanish, and more.
If you don’t understand japanese, you can still buy it on Playism’s english website.

screen1 screen3

Blocks That Matter, now available on Playism

But wait,  there’s more!
From today February 13 to March 22, you can play Blocks That Matter at the Institut Français du Japon – Tokyo.
The game has been selected to be showcased during Digital Choc 2015 – La Fabrique du Réel festival.
We hope you’ll be able to attend the festival and visit the expo.
If you do, feel free to send us photos!

Digital Choc 2015
Blocks That Matter has been released long ago, in 2011, on Xbox 360 – Xbox Live Indie Games and Windows, Mac, Linux.
It’s a real pleasure to see that it’s still played and that more people will be able to play it 🙂

Teaming up with Focus Home Interactive

Good morning sailors!
We have a major announcement to share with you, so I want everyone in the Operation Room now!

Swing Swing Submarine and Focus Home Interactive are pleased to announce their partnership for the release on consoles and PC of Seasons After Fall. That’s it: we will not sail alone anymore!

We first met Focus Home Interactive in 2010 during Game Connection Europe and we were already working on Seasons after Fall at this time. Let’s be honest, our prototype was not succesfully completed… You know what happened next: we had no money, no experience, so we froze the development of Seasons after Fall.
Then we released two games by ourselves: Blocks That Matter (2011) and Tetrobot and Co. (2013).

Last year, we decided it was time to come back to Seasons after Fall, so we created a new prototype for Gamescom. We had a cool dev team, we wanted to give the game another chance, but we just couldn’t make Seasons after Fall alone.
Focus Home Interactive is the partner we needed: great games, great team, great trust.

Let me tell you this, and this is not a coded message: the fox is in good hands.

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