Seasons after Fall, now available on Steam

After 7 years of training, our fox is ready.
Seasons after Fall is now available on Steam.

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Explore a gorgeous 2D graphical world, accompanied by an enchanting soundtrack recorded by a live string quartet.
In this magical world, you are a wild fox embarked upon a perilous adventure, with mystical powers that allow you to manipulate the life of the forest through dynamically changing the seasons. Powers that allow you to modify the environment by summoning one of the four seasons, whenever and wherever you want.

Seasons after Fall is now available for Windows users only.
We are still working to release Mac and Linux versions later this year.
We are investigating for possible consoles versions. Stay tuned!

Escape Goat (by Magical Time Bean)

Posted on June 14, 2012

Escape Goat is now available on PC, on Desura and through the last Indie Royale bundle. If you love puzzle platformers that are copiously retro, have great soundtracks, and that you can play for hours cause they have a campaign mode, challenge levels and an ingame level editor, than Escape Goat should be yours right now.

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We already talked about this game on our blog cause it was part of our Advent Calendar event. Months after, we are still in love with Escape Goat.

This goat and its mouse friend are more charismatic than most modern videogames characters. Each new puzzle of Escape Goat is smarter than the previous one and new elements appear regularly. Not to mention that the retro aspect of both graphics and musics give an undeniable charm to the game. If you are not yet familiar with its soundtrack then you should listen to it right now.

Escape Goat was a must play for XBLIG users, and it is now for PC players.
Find it in the last Indie Royale bundle or on Desura.

BTM – sales week 04 and porting

Posted on June 15, 2011

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to skip the weekly “Blocks That Matter” sales report… what? You were expecting it? Okay, here is a very fast recap (with 2 days late!). Right after that, I will focus on the game port for the Windows/Mac/Linux versions.

> Media coverage

This week, I don’t think we got a lot of media coverage… since it was E3! Oh gosh, did you see Rayman’s Origins, From Dust, Journey, Sound Shapes, PixelJunk: Side Scroller? It was quite refreshing in a middle of all that ‘Modern War Shooter’ things.

> Sales

Anyway, here are the sales since the last report.
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