Greek And Wicked

Posted on May 9, 2010



  • Arrows : move
  • X: use weapons
  • Space: return to title screen
  • Escape/P: Pause/keyboard mapping description


“Greek & Wicked” is an experiment like “Tuper Tario Tros.” was, so not a big game.

William started to think about the differences between old and modern games : what are those differences? Mostly better graphics and sounds, but in term of game mechanics old and modern games can be very similar. So, what if we take modern games elements and reduce them to their most simple form to create a very old fashioned electronic game like a Game & Watch.

When we started working on it, Guillaume was playing a game that was the perfect modern and AAA game reference we needed : God of War.

We had difficulties to finish this game, and in the same time daily news were (and still are) really hard too. We thought the fight of our little greek character against an invincible hydra was really close to modern fights. That’s why William integrated a little scenario connected to recent european events.

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