Saira (Nicklas Nygren)

Posted on January 6, 2010

We are game developers, but we are also gamers. And we believe that it’s important to “promote” other indie game developers’ work.
Like Saïra, the last game released by Nicklas Nygren, alias Nifflas, that also created Knytt and Knytt Stories.

Saïra is a really unique 2D platformer that mix hand-drawn artwork with photographs. You play as Saira, a photograph reporter, that travels through an unknown galaxy, searching for her lost friend Bobo.

The game is all about exploration and puzzle-solving, no combat. These are, with talent, the best ingredients to create a great and peaceful game. Not to mention the use of sounds and musics that is, as always with Nifflas’ games, really wise and efficient.

And you know what : today is Nicklas’ birthday. To celebrate this day, Nicklas decided to give everyone the opportunity to buy Saira for $12 USD (down from $17 USD) and the possibility to buy a gift code for $1.50 with each purchase. But be quick, cause this deal will last until January 20th.

Well, we also decided to celebrate Nicklas’ birthday by offering our own gift code to one of you, blog readers ! The only thing you’ve got to do is sending us an email answering this really simple question :
How many screens, made by Nicklas Nygren himself, does Knytt contain ?

You can send your mail until January 15th. Then, the winner will be randomly choosen among the rigth answers. Google is your best friend, don’t forget about that, sailors.

Since then, please try the Saira‘s demo version…and spread love all over the world!