The art direction of Seasons : part 3

Previously on “The art direction of Seasons” :
– William is probably not an artist
– We have no money and no 2D animator


We aren’t totally dumbs so we already found another solution.
Our bigger constraint in the development of Seasons is linked to the animation cause the game is based on the changes of seasons and we really want to create living environments. Since few weeks, we was thinking that maybe 2D traditional animation was not a wise choice. We looked for other animation techniques : the one that attracted our attention is similar to vectorial animation and shares some things with the animation technique used in one of our favorite game : Muramasa, the demon blade.

In Muramasa, the characters are composed of many parts (head, upper body, arm,…) linked by pivots (swivels), like 2D puppets.

To make it simple, it’s a great technique cause it allows us to animate characters without being veteran drawers or animators. But there’s still a problem with textures : with our poor skills, it could be really hard to create a whole set of beautiful and consistent textures. So, what can we do ? Use tint areas, that’s it.


In order to be sure tint areas could be a good choice, we still have to make backgrounds and animated objects using this art style.


There’s no way we make random choices : we could have continue to chase our 2D traditional animation dream without even being sure of the final result. But it’s important to remember that a game project always have constraints : you need to be flexible and ready to change your plan so you’ll be able to find ingenious solutions to your problems, being consistent with your first intentions. One of us is to make a poetic game, quite like a tale. This intention, you can see it in our first drafts, in the researches Gaël and Samuel made, and we’ll make everything possible to stick to it until the end of the project.

In few weeks, we will show you more animated stuff, but here are 4 mock-ups that illustrate the changes of seasons so you can imagine what Seasons will look like (well, the forest part at least). Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us about the art style !