From Spring to Summer : part 1

Posted on July 5, 2010

Seasons takes shape while the seasons pass.
Summer and high temperatures are already installed in the submarine, and their first victim is Buster, our “product marketing manager” cat.

So, in this “fresh” morning we decided to write an article with 4 hands in order to share with you the work we made in June. William starts :

I’ve crafted little cards representing our potential game environments and used them to find out how the game levels could follow on.
Linear, non-linear, open : every type of structure has been considered, knowing our goal is to create a “living” world avoiding the player to be lost.
By combining environment’s themes and gameplay, we think the game will have 7 main environments.

First, a theoretical work has been made, listing gameplay elements and dispatching them in levels. This is how we will characterize levels, but it’s still work in progress. After the work made “on paper”, I opened Blender and started building levels.

Not much progress here. But we know where we are going and why, especially concerning our fox that evolved again. And we need your feedback : do a “young” character design, close to Gael’s arts, appeals to you ?

Next time, Guillaume will talk about advances in programmation.
Have a good day !