Seasons demo dev diary : Week 3

Posted on August 18, 2010

We have less than one month to finish the demo so no time to lose : here is week 3 of our demo dev diary !



Since we are not going to have sound in the first demo presented to the Paris Event in September (yeah it sucks, I know), we need to provide some other feedbacks to the player.
So I thought it would be cool to have some rumble support.

We have 2 kind of rumbles:

– Rumbles generated by the engine and linked to the Finite State Machine of the fox. For example, if the fox falls from high height, the rumble will be more and more huge.

Here is a partial FSM (Finite State Machine) of our fox. The dark dot indicates on which state we begin (Standing state here). Then the arrows show the conditions (or events) to encounter to go to another state. I indicate in a comment (a kind of post-it) where we interfaced the rumble code.

Partial Finite State Machine

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