Name your own Blocks That Matter

Posted on March 21, 2011

If you’ve seen the gameplay footage we uploaded last week, you may have noticed a chest at the end of the level :

At first sight, it seems impossible to reach this chest but if you use the blocks available in the level wisely, you’ll find a solution.

Well I can tell you what’s inside this chest: a “Super Meat Boy” block.
The “Super Meat Boy” block is part of the “Blocks That Matter” collection.

In each level, you’ll find a chest : collect it, jump into the exit portal and you’ll earn one of these special blocks. They will allow you to unlock bonus levels and discover new games to play.

Most of the “Blocks That Matter” games will be games that use blocks in some way: indie games, mainstream games and board games too.

This progression system that promotes other games is really important to us. It’s another way to create links between games and we hope it will help players discover new games to play, famous and not-so-famous ones.

But we need your help !

We already have a list of games we want to include in the “Blocks That Matter” collection, but you probably have titles in mind we didn’t thought about. So if you are a player or a game developer and you want to suggest us games, use the comments section of this article or send us a mail.

It can be games based on blocks (like Minecraft) but it can aslo be games that use important blocks at a particular moment (like Portal and its companion cube). And it can be commercial games, free games, pc games, consoles games, board games…

Long live games! Long live blocks!