Tetrominutes of musical blocks

Posted on March 29, 2011

When your name is Swing Swing Submarine and you create videogames, you think about music a lot. Guillaume and I have no music skill, but we love listening to music and sometimes it gives us a lot of game ideas. There’s something else we really like: working with talented people, and Yann van der Cruyssen is one of them.

I discovered Yann’s works by playing indie games, especially Knytt Stories. It was 5 years ago. At this time, the only thing I knew about Knytt Stories was the name of its creator Nicklas Nygren, a great game developer that is also swedish (like half the indie game developers on earth). But a friend told me one of the composer of Knytt Stories, Yann, was french. I said “What? French? But who is this guy and how is it possible that we don’t know him yet?”. I was so in love with Knytt Stories’ music that I made a wish: “I hope I could work with this guy someday.”

Years after, I heard Yann was about to leave France in order to work with Nicklas again on a new game called Saira. Another great game, another great soundtrack with a lot of ambient.

Yann van der Cruyssen and Nicklas Nygren working together on Saira

Yann van der Cruyssen and Nicklas Nygren working together on Saira

When Saira was released, we were already working on Seasons after Fall with Laurent Martin. Unfortunately, for some reasons, Laurent had to stop working on Seasons but he wanted to be sure we would have someone else to work with, and that’s how we were introduced to Yann.

When we frozen Seasons after Fall’s development last January, Yann proposed us to work on Blocks That Matter and we were really happy of his support. His music help us to find ideas and to keep being motivated, just like the illustrations of Géraud (by the way, you can see the cover of BTM on our website now).

We will talk more about Blocks That Matter’s soundtrack later and how Yann created it.
Have a nice day, sailors!