Bring the house down

Posted on May 6, 2011

Hi there!

Today, it’s Guillaume on the keyboard because William is quite busy (you are about to know why in few paragraphs).
Here we go for some news about the last days out there!

>> Knock knock, who’s there?

The scene take place Wednesday, I was playtesting the game while taunting at William with stuff like “who’s the designer of this game who put this chest in an impossible position!”. All of a sudden, a big series of noises came out. The stairs of the 3rd landing floor of the building were knocking on the Swing Swing Submarine’s door!

Hopefully, the workers who were renovating the stairs got the time to escape. Nobody get hurt.

We spend the day with the door opened, and some dust in the air. It was quite surreal.

>> News about BTM?

As William was saying the last time, Blocks That Matter is in its “ban week” for the fail of a review. We put the game in playtest for Xna members in the beginning of the week in order to help identify potential issues that will make the game fail the next review.
Until now we didn’t have any response on the associated thread. So we don’t know if someone playtested the game in order to find some crashing scenarios. We can’t say what will happen for sure.

On my side, I do everything I can to test the game, looking for potential reasons to fail the game.

>> Logistics

I spend the second part of the week working from my apartment. I must investigate each corner of the game to try to find anything that will avoid us to pass the review. It’s a little bit paranoiac moment to go through!
Hopefully, the game code is not as messy as my desk!

William is searching a new apartment, and maybe a new potential living room/office for Swing Swing Submarine!

(for your info, the guy is not William, but a French tv-show man that helps finding and selling homes)

Buster went on vacation a week ago in Paris (this guy got pied-à-terre everywhere!). So right now, he’s cool.

That’s it for this week!

I hope the next one will bring more BTM news!

Take care, and thanks for your support. You are f*ck*ng awesome!