BTM – coverage and sales week 03

Posted on June 4, 2011

Hi everybody!

What? Some long and boring sales recap again?
Yes, that’s it, we think that we will lower down the frequency of such articles, but this week we got some good stuff to show you, so why waiting?

>> Media coverage

On May 31th, (FR) (I think the most visited French videogames website) made a great review of Blocks That Matter:
“[on XBLIG], sometimes you find some gems that are truly worthwhile. Blocks That Matter is one of those.” 18/20

Kill Screen (EN) give a really cute review, pointing at game’s details that some players may not even be aware of.
“Blocks That Matter is less a love letter to game developers than it is a ransom note.” 69 (a so sexy rating!)

Game UK got some trouble to appreciate the ending of the game and some music tracks that were not nervous enough for their taste… but they loved the game anyway!
“Blocks That Matter is a stroke of genius, taking all the best aspects of several of the best “block” orientated games to creating something completely original.” 4/5

Silence, on joue ! (FR) a famous French podcast about videogames, talks about BTM for almost 5 minutes!
“BTM is simply an extremely well designed puzzle/reflection game, a little bit hard sometimes but enough to let you appreciate the reward of reaching your goals [..] A game made with love, references and a lot of respect for the games in general.” (FR) (again!) released a ‘Gaming live’ about Block That Matter. WARNING: the video reveals some blocks that matter you will found in the chest scattered in the levels, take care to not spoil yourself if you don’t want to!

>> Sales

A little surprise was waiting us this week, let’s discover it through charts!

Here is the sales by country chart:

Yes! You’re not dreaming, the French sales overtook the US ones!

To understand why, here is the day by day detail using the “sales number / download number (conversion rate)” format:

– d15 (05/26/2011) : 26 / 124 (20.9%)
– d16 (05/27/2001) : 25 / 128 (19.5%)
– d17 (05/28/2011) : 27 / 169 (15.9%)
– d18 (05/29/2011) : 25 / 135 (18.5%)
– d19 (05/30/2011) : 19 / 138 (13.7%)
– d20 (05/31/2011) : 166 / 553 (30%)
– d21 (06/01/2011) : 270 / 655 (41.2%)
– d22 (06/02/2011) : 163 / 430 (37.9%)

– total : 721 / 2332 (30.9%)

– global : 1360 / 8059 (16.8%)

No need to be a genius to realize that this sudden burst in the sales is due to the ‘’ review. We will see what happen for the sales in the next days, maybe (surely?) they will go back to their previous state!

Here is the chart that recap the sales/download history since the game was released:

The conversion rate is higher than it used to be (the red curve is “near” the blue one). You can see the impact of May 31th!

>> From the players side

Players continue to drop us lines to thank us (and we thank you back!). We got some mails wondering about the PC version, some people were thinking that it was already available and they were searching it all over the internet… but we are still working on it! We will try to target a release by the end of June.

This time, I don’t think I make a mistake by telling you that the next article will talk about the PC version progress!

We truly want to thank you for your messages, and for pointing us some stuff about BTM on the internet, because we definitely can’t detect all the stuff out there!

Hey! I almost forgot to say that we had the opportunity to send a mail to Alexey Pajitnov by the intermediate of our friends at, a French organisation that helps preserve, explore and replay old (and sometimes not so old) videogames!

Now the two real life alter egos of ‘Markus’ and ‘Alexey’ are aware of Blocks That Matter! Thanks MO5!

See you next time!