Customized trial for Blocks That Matter

Since we released Blocks That Matter on Windows / Mac / Linux last month, something is missing: a playable demo. Yes, we’ve already made a Tech Demo and it would have been really easy to create a version of the game with few levels, but if you follow this devblog since the beginning you should know we love to make strange things sometimes.

That’s why we decided to craft a special demo version that is not exactly the beginning of the game, includes few exclusive levels and 4 brand new BTMs to collect. One of these blocks celebrates the upcoming block-breaking Wizorb developed by Tribute Games.

So, do you want to try Blocks That Matter and see if it deserves to be played in its full version? Visit the BTM store page on Steam and click on “Download Demo”:

But if you already own the full game on Steam, the system will not allow you to download the demo. Don’t worry, you can still download it from IndieDB following this link:

Meanwhile, in the full game version, we featured 5 new community levels cause they are awesome:

The Key – by Friz
Survive – by Master Brain 07
Low Gravity Game – by Daveyx0
Icy Climb – by ApocalipsezA
Exploration – by Sendow

What will happen to Blocks That Matter now?
What is the new project we are working on?
And when will new articles linked to development appear on this devblog (and not only Blocks That Matter promotion)?

Keep following us and you’ll know…
Thank you again for the kind words you send us everyday!