Celebrating Blocks That Matter on Linux

Lazy, lazy developers!

The most “penguins” of you already know that Blocks That Matter is available on Windows, Mac and Linux through various websites, but for some reason (being really busy at work) we never screamed to the world the fact that the game is REALLY available on Linux and that it’s quite awesome. Well, the fact that the game has been released on Gameolith today could be a great way to make a little something for Linux users.
So, let’s do this, let’s celebrate: it’s contest time!

Linux users, you all know how to have pleasure playing with this, right?


Well, that’s the first Linux game Guillaume ever wrote: a Tic-Tac-Toe. A cutting edge ASCII art game! Well, it’s time to let us know your skill in making pictures with texts. No no, not literacy: ASCII ART.

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