Nevermore lost in the translation

Hi sailors from all over the world,

Some of you wrote us messages in bottles asking if they can translate Blocks That Matter in german, russian and some other very popular languages we know nothing about. But it was impossible to do it properly until…now !

Guillaume created a nice tool that will allow you to naviguate the game dialogs simply and make translation easier. The only thing you need to do is to download the tool and follow the instructions contained in README_DialogViewer.txt.

If you want, you can send us your completed translation files and we will add them to the full game so everyone can enjoy your work. Don’t forget to mention your name or pseudonym so we can add it in the credits!

For your information, we already know some people are working on spanish, german and italian translation. Feel free to share your work and info in the comments below or in other community places (steam forums, neogaf,…).
Of course, we’ll update this article with links if you provide some.


Thank you again for your support!