Seasons after Fall, still in the wild

It’s been a year since the development of Seasons after Fall has been frozen due to financial issues, and some of you are starting to be impatient to see our fox running in the countryside again.
Of course, that’s something we understand because we feel just like you.

2011 has been the year of Blocks That Matter, and a pretty good one. We will write about how Blocks That Matter has been received by both players and journalists, later, but you have to know that thanks to everyone who bougth, played and wrote about BTM we will be able to keep making games in 2012.

Have you noticed the fox in the intro of Blocks That Matter?

And for the very first time since the creation of Swing Swing Submarine, two years ago, we will be able to pay us a little something at the end of January. Not a real salary like we had when we worked for a big company, of course, but decent enough to live and this is already a huge step.

Does it mean we have all we need now in order to bring brack Seasons after Fall’s development? Unfortunately, no. We made only half of the road but we are on the right way, and we have more hope than ever. Now that we are (almost) financially independant, we need to work even harder to find a way to build appropriate tools and to hire an artist and animator fulltime.

In order to do that, we estimate that we need to create and release at least one more game of the size of Blocks That Matter, hoping it will have a similar (or better) reception. Then we can bring back Seasons after Fall and finish it.

So, it means Seasons after Fall will probably not be released in 2012. But we hope you’ll keep supporting us like you did last year and that you’ll enjoy our next project.

Don’t listen to people that want to sell you the end of the world.
We wish you a real happy new year, sailors.