Fly’n, the robot and the fox

Posted on May 11, 2012

Last week, we decided to leave the submarine and take the train to go to the edge of the world. I mean Lille, in the north of France. More precisely, at the Headquarter of Ankama, a huge game / animation studio that created Dofus and Wakfu, two cross-media universes that are really famous in France. The company grew from 3 to 400 employees in 10 years and keeps being creative, and that’s rare enough to be mentioned here.

We also had the great pleasure to play their new game: Fly’n.

Fly’n is a platform game created by a small team of 10 people that evolves like “a studio inside the studio”. We spent few hours playing with Fly’n and its friends, small creatures also called “the Buds” that can run, jump, glide, “sing” and… well we can’t say too much about the game mechanics but we really had fun. The game is cute, colorful, and charming, just like its team.

We also had a great time talking with the team and sharing our thoughts about videogames and videogames development. Yes, it’s always a pleasure to talk with other devs and it will be today’s advice: if you are an indie dev, or a not-so-indie dev, talk with other devs and don’t be afraid to share ideas!

The game is still in development so it needs to have some adjustments and polish, but french players will be able to play it for the very first time at the Ankama Fan Fest in Lyon on May 19-20.

Seems like Tetrobot and our fox have found new friends.

Thanks to Ankama, the Fly’n team and Sylvain, aka Crou, the art director who made this nice illustration!