Back to school

Posted on October 5, 2012

Every game developer knows (or should know) Raph Koster and its famous book “A Theory of Fun for Game Design”. This is probably the most accessible book about game development you can read because its main topic is less Game Design than the joy of learning things.

Some games are better than others, and for what we’ve experienced the good games are the ones that teach. As long as you learn things, you can enjoy a game. Guess what: games, jobs, sports, life, they work all the same.

From January to June, we worked on many projects. We never talked about them on this blog because none of them passed the prototype phase. Well, shit happens, c’est la vie. We tend to forget that failure is part of the game development process but it has taught us a lot: how to work better together, what we want to work on, what we don’t want to work on…

We learn everyday and that’s why we enjoy making games.
Let’s bring some fun again.