A picture of a dragon I just drew

We received a mail today:


How charming!

Giving free copies of Blocks That Matter is not a problem, we already offered some during contests or for charities.
Blocks that Matter costs 5$ on Steam, but we know some people can’t afford to buy it and that’s why we released a demo version.
Also, as indie developers, we don’t want to fight piracy cause we understand some people can’t afford to buy our games or because they think this is not something where they want to spend money.

Here’s the problem: this mail, with the attached dragon picture, is a common “scam” indie game developers receive. It is not a cute little mail: it has been sent to many indie developers, same texte, same picture, and this is far from being an honest request.

We are really sorry, young indie game aficionado: we can’t give you a free copy of Blocks That Matter. But we took some time to customize our already available Windows demo version by putting your dragon in it.
All the blocks have been replaced by a single dragon block, so it could be difficult to understand exactly what happens, but we hope you’ll enjoy it anyway.

You can download the file by using this key when asked : ET_ThXQ2QBoSWnVXZEoJ9EZ3Iu4UNUFqfaHN7Sase3U




If you really want to play Blocks That Matter and support us, feel free to download the real demo version or buy the game on Steam (or other stores). It is available for 5$ on Windows, Mac and Linux.