Tetrobot and Co., first info and concept arts

Posted on March 22, 2013

Tetrobot and Co. has been announced months ago. Are you ready? We are ready!
Yes, it is time to share more info and a first batch of concept arts with you.

  • What do we do in Tetrobot and Co.?

Maya is the creator of Psychobot, and you’ll have to assist her in her daily job to repair damaged Tetrobots.
Your objective is to guide Psychobot inside Tetrobot’s gears and circuits: by absorbing blocks of matter and throwing them around, you and this little guy can fix everything.

Each chapter is a new robot to fix, each level is a new puzzle to solve.

If you’ve finished Blocks That Matter, you probably remember who Maya is. If not, don’t worry, that’s not a problem.

  • What is the link between Tetrobot and Co. and Blocks That Matter universe?

Tetrobot is the most popular and robust driller robot on earth, but perfection does not exist.
That’s why its microscopic brother Psychobot has been created.

  • What does Tetrobot and Co. look like?

Here are three concept arts in which you can see Psychobot in two different game environments and some sketches that helped us define the look of Maya.

Tetrobot and Co. (concept art)

Tetrobot and Co. (concept art)

Tetrobot and Co. (concept art)

  • When? Where? I want to know more!

Tetrobot and Co. will be released on Windows, Mac, Linux, and some touch devices.
Controls are quite simple with a mouse or with your fingers, so you can fully focus on the puzzles and challenges.

We don’t know when exactly the game will be released, and which platform it will reach first.

Feel free to share your feedbacks, fears and hopes, in the comments section below ^^