Tetrobot and Co. now DRM-free (and 50% OFF)

It’s about time!

Tetrobot and Co. DRM-free version is now available on the Humble Store!


But wait, there’s more!
You still have a little more than 1 day to grab it with 50% OFF discount!


Spread the word!

If you’re not convinced by the game, you can always check the “Review Round-up” we published earlier.

When you grab the version on the Humble Store (or the Humble Store Widget), you also get access to a Steam version of the game (Windows/Mac/Linux). By the way, the Steam version is also 50% OFF for the same remaining amount of time!

We are trying to deploy the game on more digital platforms. If you think of a digital platform you’ll love to see Tetrobot and Co. on, feel free to share it with us in the comments!