The sounds of Tetrobot: from XACT to Unity

This article will expose how we handled the sounds and musics in Tetrobot and Co. using Unity Engine and some duct tape!

But before we start, let me tell you that all the musics and sounds effects were crafted by our dear Yann “Morusque” van der Cruyssen!
While reading this, you can listen to the Tetrobot and Co. soundtrack on Morusque’s Bandcamp.

XACT as a source of inspiration

Before building Tetrobot and Co. with Unity, our previous game (Blocks That Matter) was powered by the Xna Framework. This framework comes with a tool called XACT. It is an audio tool that allows sound designers to import their raw audios and build the sound effects that will be integrated in the game.
The effects can be more or less complex. For example, the “jump” sound effect in Blocks That Matter was made of 4 different sounds playing at the same time. 2 of them were grabbed randomly in a list of 36 .wav files. A random pitch variation was used on 2 other sounds to hide repetitions when jumping over and over again.


Using XACT was great because Morusque was able to work autonomously by building the audio database and adding simple but useful effects. On the game side, we were able to integrate this database very quickly. It was a matter of creating some built-in XNA objects, loading the audio database and calling soundBank.PlayCue(“name of the effect”) in the code!

We really wanted to have a similar tool in Unity. The following paragraphs describe how we managed to do that.

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