Seasons after Fall, stranger to summer

Posted on June 23, 2014

Welcome to summer!
And welcome to our sixth month of development on Seasons after Fall.

Let’s celebrate with a brand new concept art!
As you can see, our fox will not be completely alone during its adventure.
But it’s hard to tell if this strange bear will be an ally or an enemy. Maybe both.
I guess you’ll need to approach it if you really want to find out.

If you watch the new timelapse video and listen closely, you will hear, for the very first time, the music of Seasons after Fall.
Our composer, Yann van der Cruyssen, who already wrote the soundtracks of Blocks That Matter and Tetrobot and Co., chose to work with a string quartet this time. A real quartet, with real instruments and real musicians. For real!
That’s quite unusual for us, but we can see how this string quartet (and his talented members) will help us bring life to our game.

Seasons after Fall - concept art

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