Tetrobot and Co. available on Wii U!

Happy Birthday, Tetrobot!

We released Tetrobot and Co. a year ago for Windows, Mac and Linux (Steam, Humble Store, GOG, Itch.io…).
And now thanks to Neko Entertainment, you’ll be able to play Tetrobot and Co. on Wii U very very soon. It will be available on Nintendo eShop for Europe and North America on October 30th, 2014.

What’s nice about this Wii U version is that you can choose how you want to play the game: pointing at your TV screen with a Wii Remote, pushing buttons on a Wii U Pro Controller or playing with touch controls on a Wii U Gamepad. You can even activate the Off-TV Play mode!

Tetrobot and Co. is still a pure puzzle game, created for players looking to give their mind a workout. You guide a microscopic robot named Psychobot through Tetrobot’s cogs and circuits. Psychobot, by swallowing blocks of matter and spitting them out, can repair anything.

The workings of various pipes, lasers, fans and other electronic devices, plus how to alter the chemical properties of slime, must be learned in order to repair Tetrobot and collect all the memory blocks that can be found on the way.

Due to its accessible nature Tetrobot and Co. is a game for all to play. But you’ll need to keep your mind sharp if you want to complete its most advanced puzzles. If you like playing great games like Pushmo World and Teslagrad, you’ll probably love Tetrobot and Co..

PS: we are still working on the iOS/Android versions, and we still hope to release them by the end of the year.