24 Days That Matter (December 4)

Today’s BTM Community Level:

– Riddle of the Lost Ark (by FRiZ)

It starts with a trap, a big explosion and it ends with a treasure, just like an Indiana Jones movie. If you want to access the temple, you’ll have to be a master in blocks’ positioning and, sometimes, have good reflexes. Our final advice: don’t let the final fire slime “torch” stop you. Jump!

You can play it now in Blocks That Matter (Windows/Mac/Linux).

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Today’s Gift:

Saira offered by Nifflas

Saira is a puzzle platformer with non-linear gameplay and a whole universe for you to explore. The game is heavily influenced by classic puzzle adventure games and uses a new unique graphical style combining high resolution photography into a lush and mysterious world.

We already said how much we love Saira on our website, 2 years ago. But we didn’t know at this time that Yann van der Cruyssen, co-composer of Saira’s soundtrack, would work on Blocks That Matter.
Saira is a great platform game centered around exploration, and that’s what Nifflas (Nicklas Nygren) does best. The other games of Nifflas are quite popular: Within a Deep Forest, Knytt, Knytt Stories and Nightsky.

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How to enter today’s contest?

Today, you can win:
2 copies of Saira on Nifflas website (Windows only)
2 copies of Blocks That Matter on your favorite platform (Windows/Mac/Linux)

The only thing you need to do is to click the buttons below to:
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4 winners will be chosen randomly (using very professional random picking software) and contacted few hours after the contest ends.

So what are you waiting for?

Good luck to everyone and see you tomorrow for another contest!