24 Days That Matter (December 7)

Today’s BTM Community Level:

– A Small Feat (by Krypton)

Creating good levels is not a matter of complexity, not at all. You can create memorable levels using few game elements and rules, just like we did with bonus levels like “The Impossible”. Well, “A Small Feat” is this kind of minimalist level: you only have 8 obsidian blocks, so only 2 shapes you can make to finish the level. Neat.

You can play it now in Blocks That Matter (Windows/Mac/Linux).

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Today’s Gift:

Vizati offered by Different Pixel

Vizati is a puzzle game that will put your mind to the test. You have to rotate a magical cube to connect (group) the little vizati stones by color and figure out the best way to do it with a limited number of rotations/moves. You can play the Story Mode and follow the story between Julie and Peter who discovered the Vizati cube, or play the Arcade Mode, which is a rawer, faster and even more teasing mode.

You can see the story in videogames only like a “pretext”, but when you stop thinking too much and embrace the narration it can create a rhythm, a special mood. Vizati is not another puzzle game based on rotating the entire level. Or yes, it is, but it is way more classy because of its Story Mode and its limited moves. We love how the puzzle zone itself (the Vizati cube) is used as a narrative element and how it drives the whole game. And we hope you’ll like it too 🙂

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How to enter today’s contest?

Today, you can win:
2 copies of Vizati on GamersGate (Windows only)
2 copies of Blocks That Matter on your favorite platform (Windows/Mac/Linux)

The only thing you need to do is to click the buttons below to:
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You can enter using only one social network BUT if you enter using both you’ll have more chance to win. We will count only one entry per social network per person per day so you don’t have to spam your friends with multiple messages.

4 winners will be chosen randomly (using very professional random picking software) and contacted few hours after the contest ends.

So what are you waiting for?

Good luck to everyone and see you tomorrow for another contest!